Testing Solutions

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We believe that product test strategy begins at product conceptualization – long before a mature assembly is ever produced. We have a dedicated team to assist you with product test strategy, implementation, and qualification.

When ICT test fixtures may be cost and time prohibitive, we offer flying probe testing. We offer full functional testing using customer provided and/or in-house test fixtures. We have extensive experience in RF Testing and Tuning Systems. Our customers utilize our environmental test chambers and burn-in racks so they can validate and monitor product quality and reliability. Test data is scanned in by serial number and first pass yield is automatically calculated. Test data is easily reported through our automated quality management system.

  • Flying Probe Test and Development
  • In-Circuit Test and Development
  • Functional Test and Development
  • Environment Stress Screening Test and Development
  • X-Ray Capabilities
  • XRF for element and chemical analysis