Supply Chain Solutions

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Advanced Supply Chain Management

Today more than ever supply chain management is the most critical aspect of EMS manufacturing. The focus in the industry has changed from "are you lean and how fast do you turn inventory?" to "do you actually have the ability to manage and pipeline inventory so you don't run me out of product?" 4FRONT has always focused on meeting customer demand, even unexpected demand as a primary objective. After all, no customer has perfect insight on their requirements. Meeting these unexpected demands has helped 4FRONT distinguish itself from the pack. We utilize a combination of traditional “pipelining” strategies in conjunction with a system of kanbans to minimize the impact of sudden and dramatic spikes in customer demands or increases in component lead times that are commonplace in our industry today. The antiquated system of using MRP to drive purchase order requirements has proven ineffective.

  • Safety stocking of critical, problematic or extremely long lead time parts
  • Bond management for non-cancellable, non-returnable (NCNR) parts
  • Component lot tracking for mission critical parts tied to the customer and/or 4FRONT's serial number
  • Component engineering and verification for component substitutions with the detailed PDF technical sheet.
  • Elemental or Chemical Material Analysis (XRF)
  • Critical Dimension Measurement and Analysis
  • Early warning and alerts on last time buys and potential obsolete parts including recommended replacements