Armstrong Comfort Solutions is proud to be a part of the Armstrong Group, a diverse, family owned and operated business, employing over 2000 people nationwide. We value strong relationships with our employees and close ties to the communities we serve.

Armstrong Utilities, Inc. began providing cable telecommunications services in 1963. Today, we are the 10th largest cable telecommunications company in the US, serving customers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky and New York. We take great pride in our local and national reputation as an award-winning provider of excellent customer service.
Guardian Protection is a premier provider of smart security and automation solutions for residential, commercial, institutional, and multi-site customers. More than a quarter-million customers trust Guardian’s award-winning monitoring services and in-house, U.S.-based customer care specialists.
Armstrong Development Properties, Inc. is an award-winning full service commercial real estate developer providing clients site selection, acquisition, construction administration and property management. With offices across the country, we have worked with companies such as CVS Pharmacy, Kohl’s, Target and McDonalds, and built over 10 million square feet of commercial property in 15 states.
Serving homes and commercial businesses in Western PA, Armstrong Comfort Solutions provides a full line of heating, cooling and plumbing services. Working with all the major manufacturers, we create competitive solutions to any plumbing, heating or cooling need. We also offer creative clean air and clean water solutions for homes and businesses.